How to lead your wife to less anxiety this Christmas

Guest Post by: Brian Doan It’s Christmas time, and with that comes all of the seasonal memories like trees, lights, Christmas dinner, pageants etc. For some it’s a time of great joy as we get to celebrate with family, some who may travel in from out of town or just down the road, grown or […]

Love Jesus By Doing This…

Guest Post by: Gavin Guard God’s Greatness It’s so easy to forget the purpose that we have been created.  We get caught up in the nuances of the world; how to be richer, how to be fitter, how to please others, how to get more stuff. And often, we can feel lost, having the sense […]

3 Proven Ways To Avoid Miscommunication When Life Gets Busy

Here is a guest post be Cody Chapman, who is a good friend of mine, and I love how he shows us as husbands how we can actually navigate hard seasons in life in the spirit through preparation and communication. Please read and learn from his wisdom. — Here’s a really bad idea: Kiss your […]

3 Steps To Begin Healing The Deep Anger Within.

Today’s guest post is I great reminder that the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. When we are angry men we tend to hurt those closest to us but at the same time, we hurt our witness. We must defeat the anger within and find true healing. We must repent of it […]

Pornography’s Effect on Marriage

Guest Post by: Mike Taylor It is a frequently accepted fallacy that pornography use while in a marriage or a committed relationship can help “spice things up”. In reality, pornography and the effects of an addiction can do more to harm the relationship than almost anything else. In 2002, the annual meeting of the American […]