One Thing You Should Do Every Day For your Wife

Guest Post by: Rev. Ian Miller 2922 days ago on 31 March 2006 I married my wonderful and beautiful wife. On that day I made a commitment to the LORD that each and every day I would PRAY for my wife. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of prayer and will call upon the […]

A Creative Way To Surprise Your Wife On Your Anniversary!

Anniversaries and special occasions can be hard to plan and prepare for. My friend Kris Wolfe is sharing with us something he did that had an awesome impact on his wife. Let us all remember that sometimes the little things are really the big things.  Kris writes: Our third anniversary was coming up. “This day […]

Do You Have Intimacy Issues In Marriage?

This is a guest post by Jacques Geldenhuys. Hi All, I am sure most men think they are alone in feeling unwanted by their wife. Feeling that they are not needed and that all they do bears no fruit at all. My wife and I will be married for 15 years this coming October. And sometimes, […]

We Have A Responsibility To Reflect God’s Image

As husband’s, fathers, friends, peers, we are responsible to how we wield the powerful influence that we are given as the image bearers of God . This influence we have derived from Jesus himself is to be used to love and serve our wives, for teaching and raising our children to Know god and to love and serve […]