Prayer: Communicating With My Wife

Dear Lord, Please never let me get lazy in how I communicate with my wife. Never let me approach her like she is just someone in my life. I pray that my heart would be sensitive and compassionate toward her. I pray I would think about what I say before I speak. Please let words […]

Prayer: Healing For The Sick

Dear Lord, Thank You for today. Even though I feel sick, I am so thankful for all the gifts You have given to me. Thank You for my family and thank You for my wife. I pray for healing for me and anyone else who may be feeling awful. I pray protection over our families […]

Prayer: Being A Good Friend

Dear God, Thank You for today. I pray that I would fulfill all of the purpose You have created me for. I pray that today I would listen to You and let You lead me. I pray that I would be faithful and honorable, that my character would reflect Your character. I also pray that […]

Prayer: Loving Without A Price

Dear Lord, I love you and thank you for the sacrifice you paid so that I could have everlasting life with you. Thank you for sending your son to die for us knowing that many of the people he would die for would reject him, spit on him, cheat on him and worse. Lord, your […]

Prayer: Treating My Wife With Honor

Dear Lord, I pray that I would treat my wife with honor. I pray that I can have the kind of character as a husband that puts her needs above my own. Help me not to be selfish and help me not to lash out when I am angry or impatient. I pray for a […]