Prayer: Stop Being Harsh

Dear God, I know there are times that I struggle with being too harsh with my wife and my family. I pray that you would transform this part of me. I pray I would be patient and full of compassion. I pray you would change me and the way I respond to others. Please help […]

Prayer: Making Good Choices

Dear ¬†Lord, I pray that husbands and wives would make good choices in their marriage and life. I pray that we would make decisions based on what would please you and you alone. I pray that we would choose rightly and with wisdom and fear of you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer: Trusting In Your Provision

Dear Lord, You are the provider. You are the one who brings the rain for our soil. You are the one who brings the sun up every morning. You are the one who fills my lungs with breath. You are the one who keeps the earth in motion. Lord, you also¬†give us the ability to […]

Prayer: Revival

Dear Lord, I simply pray for revival. Draw the hearts of men and women around the world to you, Lord. I pray that men and women would repent of their sin and accept your son Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Prayer: Peace During Turmoil

Dear Lord, Marriage can be so hard at times, testing us and pushing us far beyond our patience. I pray that You would give us Your peace and guide us as we submit to Your will daily. Please remind us of our spiritual role as a husband during these difficult times, when we are emotionally […]