Prayer: Strength To Endure

Dear┬áLord, Each one of us is in a different place. Our marriages are facing different kinds of trials and transitions. No matter where each one of us is at, we pray for the strength to endure. May Your power manifest within us and may Your Holy Spirit guide us. Help us to be sensitive to […]

Prayer: For Mental And Spiritual Healing

Dear Lord, You are the God of healing. I pray for those out there that are broken mentally and spiritually. Maybe they have done things that they are completely ashamed of and desperately need freedom from. Maybe they have been made to do something they wish they never did. Their mind and spirit has been […]

Prayer: For Compassion

Dear Lord, Thank You for the deep love and compassion You show to me. I pray that You would give us husbands that same depth of love and compassion. Not only toward our wives and children but also towards our neighbors and friends. I know that if we all operated in this kind of heart […]

Prayer: To Be Closer To God

Dear Lord, I desire to have a closer walk with You. I want my heart to be in sync with Yours and my life to be in line with Your will. I want my love to look like Yours and I want my eyes to see like Yours. Draw me closer to You and fill […]

Prayer: Your word tells us

Dear Lord, Thank you for your word. It is the guide that I lean on for everything. I pray that men would love their spouse with gentleness and understanding. Your word tells us to not be harsh with our wife. It also tells us to be slow to anger, slow to speak but quick to […]