Marriage Prayer: God Is Good

Dear God, You are good and your love endures forever! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me a wife¬†and a family who love and cherish me. I am a blessed man. I praise you, Lord, for even in my sin you have cared for me. You have been my refuge and my […]

Marriage Prayer: Bring Peace To My Mind

Dear God, I have been a little overwhelmed lately. Please give me peace in my heart and mind God. Give me your peace that surpasses understanding. Holy Spirit remind me often of the promises in your word about taking care of my physical needs. I want to lean in faith on you God and I […]

Marriage Prayer: Revive Prayer In Marriage

Dear Lord, I pray for passion and that our passion would be evident in life, especially through our prayers! Holy Spirit anoints each one of us so that we can be the husbands you have called us to be. Please remind us daily to pray over and for our wife. May more and more husbands […]

Marriage Prayer: Quick Recovery After Conflicts

Dear Lord, Thank you for my wife. I know there are times that we experience conflict. I am aware that we are not perfect and that we will not always agree with each other. However, she is my wife and I love her so much. I pray that during conflict we would not sin against […]

Marriage Prayer: Persevering In Marriage

Dear God, Thank you for today. No matter what happens today please help me to endure. Please fill my heart with joy and peace, help me to persevere¬†in my marriage. I am thankful for my wife and in order to live life alongside her I know we must persevere. Empower us and give us what […]