How Answering Two Questions Could Save Your Marriage

She was working quietly in her room putting her princess dress on, complete with the shoes and tiara. She knew daddy would be home soon. She was standing there in her innocent beauty, when he walked through the door. As soon as she saw him, she said, “Look at me daddy!” Any man that has […]

The Secret To Praying With Your Wife Consistently

Do you pray with your wife? If you do, is it focused and consistent? If you don’t pray with your wife, what’s getting in the way? Keep reading this post, and I guarantee you that within days you’ll be praying with your mate on a consistent basis if you use the three “I’s”. I’ve been […]

How To Properly Use The 5 Love Languages

“Love Language” – each of us have at least one. If you have never heard of the 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend that you and your spouse go take the quiz at I promise it will strengthen your marriage IF you actually use the results for the benefit of your marriage. As years […]

3 Ways To Become A Wise Husband

I know lot’s of things. I know that donuts are not good for me at all, but I eat them regardless. I know that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can produce ulcers or worse, yet I still drink it. I know that the Bible commands me to love my wife like Christ, giving myself […]

She’s Not An Object. She’s A Person!

The Devil hates women. He always has. Because of this animosity, It has become his mission in this world to destroy every good and beautiful thing about women God has created. He does this in many ways, and one of those ways is by stealing the very humanity God breathed into them. Objectifying women is […]