When I got my first piece of mail as a married man, I was excited that it read “Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rochin”. I thought it was the coolest thing ever (even though it was just a “pre-approved” credit card) … but then fear struck me when I saw both of our names together because I realized something: I represent not only myself, but now my wife; every single action I do from now on will be a reflection of her.

If I treat someone harshly, they can fairly assume that my wife is rude as well. If I gossip to my friends and speak rudely about others, my friends will think my wife is also a negative person.

Song Of Soloman 1:3 says, “Your name is like perfume poured out”.  One of the things that a woman truly wants is a man that is respected by others.

They need a man who has a sweet scent to their name. It can easily be forgotten that you now represent a corporation and your corporate partner deserves for their business to be respected.

Many of you probably dine out often so you may have heard of a website called “Yelp”. If you haven’t, I will summarize the idea of it: you can go to this website and search for local places to eat (or shop, watch movies, almost any activity).

There you will find reviews left by real people with nothing but honesty for the whole world to read. And, personally, the rating on yelp will determine if you support this business or not.

If your corporation, your marriage, had a Yelp, what would your rating be? I am not saying to be a people pleaser, but for the sake of your shareholder, treat people with respect.

Go out of your way to pick trash off the ground. Open the door for someone. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you. Feed a homeless man.

You will never regret doing something kind for the betterment of your marriage.