Calling Out A Warning

I’ve been following Husband Revolution for a few weeks now and am very thankful for this tool. I love knowing that on my train ride to work each day there is a challenge and or encouragement awaiting me through this site. Being the father of two teenage boys, I know how important my example is. […]

3 Things To Remember When Life Makes Unexpected Turns

Within the past few months I’ve had several friends lose their jobs. In this already extremely crappy job market we’re in, this is considered a catastrophe (seriously, everyone should be grateful just to have a job even if it’s not your dream.) I’m pretty sure all of us have experienced those moments in life where […]

The Truth: Sometimes, Marriage Sucks.

Sometimes, marriage sucks. It’s harder than hell to do everything God’s way all the time. We fail. We hurt our wives. We get hurt. Sin gets us. Life wears us down. Can I tell you something, though? You’re normal. Failure and struggles are normal. And they can be beautiful, if you’ll let them be. The […]