Facebook Is Sucking All My Brains

Scrolling… scrolling… scrolling… Stop. “wow, I didn’t know they were together…” Scrolling… Scrolling… This is my life now. I scroll through photos, statuses, videos, rants, mindless thoughts, funny memes, political mumbo-jumbo and all the other things that people deem important for the world to know. I feel like I can’t breath. I use facebook on […]

3 Ways To Become A Wise Husband

I know lot’s of things. I know that donuts are not good for me at all, but I eat them regardless. I know that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can produce ulcers or worse, yet I still drink it. I know that the Bible commands me to love my wife like Christ, giving myself […]

My Wife Is Gone And Now I’m Lonely

I can’t remember a time in my life when I have been this lonely. I’m sure there have been moments but none I can recall. I am a person that thrives around other people. Community fuels my heart and re energizes me. My definition of a great time is being surrounded with my wife and […]

Is Your Love Unreasonable?

Throughout time, humans have elevated reason – our ability to rationalize and make judgement calls regarding good and bad decisions. In Aristotle’s Ethics he describes human beings as rational animals and identifies reason as a uniquely human characteristic. Our ability to justify and rationalize our decision-making is God-given. But dependence upon reason can also get in the […]

One Thing Your Marriage Needs

Do you ever watch those southwest commercials that ends with the saying “wanna get away”? They are probably some of my favorite commercials. One reason being, they are hilarious. Second reason, aside from their brilliant marketing and trying to sell you that they’re the best, Southwest is right: sometimes we just gotta get away. It’s […]