Start Treating Your Wife Like A Girlfriend Again

There are so many stages of a relationship: Courting Dating Engagement Marriage Aren’t those first 3 incredible? The butterflies, the emotions, the uncertainty, sleepless nights, countdowns until you see her, etc. Number 4 is the day you plan for, work for & spend a ton of money on, just to show off your girl and […]

Why We Need To Start Accepting Rebuke

When is the last time you have been rebuked and corrected by someone other than your wife or mom? I¬†was rebuked the other day by a man I had just met! I was called out on my laziness as a husband. I was reminded of my role as the spiritual leader. I was told that […]

4 Ways To Maintain Integrity When Your Wife Isn’t Around

The day had arrived. My wife was going out of town for two weeks. The world tells me that this is every man’s dream – so why did it feel like a nightmare to me? While many men would wrongfully relish at the idea of getting time to themselves, I was terrified because I knew […]

3 Ways To Love Your Wife Like Jesus

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her – Ephesians 5:25 We have all read it a million times and we have heard countless sermons on this single verse. It seems that when ever your pastor announces that he will be talking about marriage in an upcoming sermon […]

Prayer: Focus On The Word

Dear Lord, I pray that when I lose focus that I would remember to put my focus back on your Word. Your word is what brings clarity and guides my life. Your Word is the food that sustains me and the water that quenches my thirst. When I am tired it brings me rest. When […]