Prayer: Revival In the Husband’s Heart

Dear Lord, I pray right now for a revival to break out in the homes of Christians around the world. I pray that Husbands would step up and take the role that you have called them to. Please bring revival to each and every husband’s heart. I pray that these men would begin to pray […]

Prayer: Spiritual Headship

Dear Lord, Thank you for breaking the curse placed on us by the first man, Adam. Thank you that we no longer have to do things the way sin wants us to. God, I pray husbands would take on their God-given role of spiritual leader in their marriage. Not in a way that sin would […]

Prayer: Wisdom With Finances

Dear Lord, As husbands and as spiritual leaders in our homes you have called us to be wise with everything especially our finances. Lord, there are so many marriages that are falling apart because of debt. Convict the hearts of your people and show them how to be wise with their money and finances. Help […]

Prayer: Put My Wife’s Interests Above My Own

Dear Lord, It can be easy to act with selfish motives, to always think of our self first when it comes to our marriages. Give us as husbands the ability to live out what Paul says in Philippians 2:3-4, Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than […]

Prayer: Serving My Wife

Dear Lord, Thank you for my wife and thank you for teaching me in your word how I am to love her. You tell me that I should lead and love her by your example. So help me to serve her like Jesus faithfully serves His church. Help me to love her like Christ loves […]