Prayer: Making My Wife Feel Secure

Dear Lord, I know that I don’t always love my wife well. I know that I say and do things that hurt her. Even though I fail her at times I pray that she would feel secure in the knowledge of my love. I pray that I would constantly remind her that we are on the […]

Prayer: Reconciliation In Marriage

Dear Lord, There are so many marriages on the brink of destruction. Each one falling apart for their own reasons. Selfishness, addiction, abuse and so many other things are tearing these marriages to pieces. Lord, humble each husband and wife and bring them to their knees before you. You did this in my marriage and […]

Prayer: Husbands Who Feel Neglected

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving us another day of life. Thank you for your grace and mercy. I want to pray right now for husbands who feel neglected by their wives. Comfort them with your love and peace. Give them the strength to fight for their wife and marriage.  Give them wisdom and understanding […]

Prayer: Resist The devil & Flee Temptation

Dear Lord, Thank you for today!  Thank you for my life and my wife’s life.  I ask that you would protect us from the schemes of the devil.  He has been trying to distract us, frustrate us, and tempt us to sin against each other.  Holy Spirit, help us to be able to resist the devil […]

Prayer: make us men of Grace

Dear Lord, Make us men of grace. I pray that we would have hearts full of grace for others, for our wives, our children and our neighbors. Let us give them the grace that we want to receive. In Jesus’ name, amen!