Prayer: Discernment And Understanding

Dear Lord, There are so many Christians being led astray by many different things. The enemy is finding strongholds in the hearts of your people. Lord, give us discernment to keep us from falling for half-truths. Give us the understanding to see through the lies. Take away the blinders from our eyes so that we can […]

God’s Economy, Not Ours.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your provision.  Thank you for providing all that you have for my family.  We praise you because you are always good to us!  We lift up our needs and our desires to you and we trust that you will continue to provide for us.  Help us to not be overwhelmed with discontentment, […]

Prayer: Peace In Times Of Stress

Dear Lord, We will all have times of stress in our lives. Moving, finances, work, marriage, kids, health, whatever may be causing the stress in our marriage I pray that you would give us your perfect all-consuming peace. I pray that we would be patient with our wives and with our kids. Help us to […]

Prayer: Marriages Will Prevail

Dear Lord, We pray for the despaired, the hopeless, the fearful, the sad, the overwhelmed, the insecure, and the angry.  We pray for spouses who can’t find the strength to pick their head up.  We pray for those who harbor bitterness, discontentment, selfishness, and revenge.  Please Lord, break these walls down!  Holy Spirit, please fill […]

Prayer: Healthy Eating Habits

Dear Lord, I pray that we would be conscious of our eating habits and that we would constantly be trying to be healthier. It is easy in this age of convenience and abundance to not pay attention to the things we are putting in our bodies. Help us to be healthy so that we can be […]