Prayer: Gratefulness In Marriage

Dear Lord, I pray that my wife and I would have hearts of gratefulness. I pray we would take time throughout our day to thank You for all that You have gifted to us. I also pray that even in the hard times and the seasons of drought, we would find things to thank You […]

Prayer: Surrendering

Dear Lord, I pray for wives and husbands who refuse to surrender to you. I pray that they fall to their knees and acknowledge you as the King of kings! May your Holy Spirit reveal power and glory to them! Lord, please captivate their hearts. Meet them in their brokenness. Restore and heal their marriages. […]

Prayer: Entering Into Your Throne Room

Dear Lord, You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, purity, and a sound mind. Lord, I pray that we would not be afraid to come to you with our hearts. I pray that we would enter into your throne room boldly as you have asked us to do. I pray […]

Prayer: Keep Us From Being Ineffective

Dear Lord, Thank you for your love for us and thank you for the calling you have placed on each one of us. Lord, I pray that we would seek you with everything we have. I pray that we would take every¬†effort to add to our faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, […]

Prayer: Be Her Strength When She Has None

Dear Lord, Our wives can lose their strength at times. Whether the weight of motherhood or career or health, help us to be strong for them. Help us to lead them back to You. I pray that we would lift our wives up to You in prayer on a daily basis especially in those times […]