Prayer: Restore and heal

Dear Lord, I pray for wives and husbands who refuse to surrender to you. I pray that they fall to their knees and acknowledge you as the King of kings! May your Holy Spirit reveal power and glory to them! Lord, please captivate their hearts. Meet them in their brokenness. Restore and heal their marriages. […]

Prayer: Be Slow To Anger

Dear Lord, Thank you that your mercies are renewed for me every morning. I definitely need it. Lord, I pray for my heart and others who are quick to become angry. Sometimes we get irritated, annoyed, or frustrated so easily and then we let out our anger. Instead, we should slow down and allow your Holy […]

Prayer: Guard My Mouth

Lord, Thank you for the grace you have for me. Please forgive me for the words I speak to my wife and the way I talk to her. There are times that I do not guard what comes out of my mouth and instead, say whatever I want. This is not how you desire me […]

Prayer: Ignite Your Love In Me

Dear Lord, Today, I simply pray that you would ignite Your deep and everlasting love in our hearts. Spark a passion like we’ve never had before, for our wives first then our children and then for the world. In Jesus name, amen!

Prayer: Intimacy In Marriage

Dear Lord, Thank you for my wife and thank you for all of the trials and blessings we have experienced in our marriage. Thank you for all of the trials and blessings that we will experience in the days and years to come. I pray that we would pursue intimacy with each other every day. I […]