Prayer: Manage Our Money Righteously

Dear Lord, Thank you for your daily provision.  You always provide for us and fulfill our every need!  We pray over our finances right now, asking that you help us manage them righteously.  Teach us to be good stewards of all that you have given us.  We pray that husbands and wives would be in agreement on […]

Prayer: Stopping The Crazy Cycle

Dear Lord, Thank you for your great design, for the senses that you gave us to enjoy life, as well as the emotions we have to express our selves. I asking that you help us husbands to be more aware of our emotions. Give us self-control over our anger and frustration. Help us to recognize […]

Prayer: Give Me Patience

Dear Lord, you have empowered us by your Holy Spirit to be a patient people. One of the fruits that the Spirit within us bares is patience. Lord, make us more patient. Give us your heart and your mind on matters so that we can be slower to speak and quicker to listen. Help us […]

Teach Me How To Be Romantic

Dear Lord, Inspire me through your Holy Spirit to be more romantic for my wife. I know she needs and desires that kind of attention from me but it can be so hard sometimes. I want to change in this area. I want to be a romantic husband that knows how to turn my wife on. […]

Prayer: Fear For The Future

Dear Lord, I want to ask for your peace to pour over any husband who is currently battling with fear about how things in their life will work out in the future. I pray for those who are afraid that they will not be a good dad, or that they will not be able to […]