Prayer: Remaining Teachable

Dear God, Please help me always remain teachable. I pray that I would never let my pride keep me from learning something new, especially about marriage. I know I don’t know it all! I pray that I am humble and that I am willing to learn from others. Send people into my life to teach […]

Prayer: Purity

Dear God, Thank You for today. I pray that I can love my wife as You created me too. I pray that I am kind and gentle toward her in every action and response. I pray that we both are motivated to live pure lives. I pray that our conversations are pure, our jokes are […]

Prayer: Planning Together

Dear God, We submit our plans to You. My wife and I love to consider our steps and our future together. I pray that as we plan, we consider what Your will is for us. I pray that we let You lead us. I pray that we can clearly communicate our hopes, desires and expectations. […]

Prayer: Loving like Christ

Dear Lord, Thank You for the example of Christ! Thank You for Your loving sacrifice that is a perfect example of true love. I pray I can love my wife with the same joy and compassion. I pray that I can love her like Christ. Help me to serve my wife and be willing to […]

Prayer: Celebration

Dear Heavenly Father, We come before You and we celebrate! We thank You for Your provision and all of the good gifts You have given to us. Thank You for the hard times too! The ones that test our faith and our characters, the times that force us to become mature. I pray that You […]