Why You Should Start Your Own Father & Son Date Tradition

My children are getting older. My son will be 4 later this year. The more mature he gets, the more talkative he gets, I am realizing how much he is craving interaction with me and his mom. He asks a ton of questions and is curious about everything. Because of this, I have been trying […]

7 Things I Learned About The Father Heart Of God From Being A Dad

Every person that calls themselves a believer, a Christ follower, gets to call God, “father.” The bible tells us in Galatians 3:26 “for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.” ¬†We all have the understanding of God from a child’s perspective. But there is another side of God that we can […]

I Didn’t Want Children, Then God Did This!

When my wife and I were first married I can remember our many conversations about never wanted kids. I would justify our protest, saying things like, We know we are too selfish to have kids.” or We enjoy our freedom too much.” There were many other unspoken reasons why I personally didn’t want children, but […]