Instead Of Going Shooting Like I wanted To, I Did This For my Wife Instead

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Buy 31 Prayers For My Future Husband and Wife Set – 31% OFF Limited Time PRE-ORDER Special</a> I don’t have many hobbies in my life and really don’t have much time for hobbies anyways. The closest thing I have to a hobby in my life is to go shoot my guns at the […]

A Creative Way To Surprise Your Wife On Your Anniversary!

Anniversaries and special occasions can be hard to plan and prepare for. My friend Kris Wolfe is sharing with us something he did that had an awesome impact on his wife. Let us all remember that sometimes the little things are really the big things.  Kris writes: Our third anniversary was coming up. “This day […]

Is God Asking You To Destroy Something In Your Life That You Are Hiding?

I have been reading straight through the Bible the last few weeks. I have never actually done this before. I am reading several chapters a day to hit my goal of reading through the Bible in 90 days. I am getting such a broad view of God and His relationship with man, something I didn’t […]

7 Easy Ways To Make Her Feel Loved – The 1 Week Love challenge

As husbands, we should make it a top priority to make sure our wives know that we love them. Some men don’t have the “cute” ideas to express their love that their wife desperately needs. I have learned that I can show my wife that I love her without even spending a dollar on her. –Yeah, […]

3 Ways To Make Peace With Garlic

Let me begin by saying emphatically that I HATE GARLIC! I just do. I can’t stand the smell of the bulb, and definitely can’t stand the smell of the bulb when it’s exuding from the mouth or pores of people I’m around. I half-jokingly tell people that garlic was named “girlisha” or something like that […]