Prayer: Ignite Your Love In Me

Dear Lord, Today, I simply pray that you would ignite Your deep and everlasting love in our hearts. Spark a passion like we’ve never had before, for our wives first then our children and then for the world. In Jesus name, amen!

Prayer: Obedience

Dear Lord, You desire obedience rather than sacrifice. You have told me in your word that if I love you then I will obey you. Lord, I desire to obey you but sometimes I don’t know how to. Lord, bring me to your word and show me the areas in my life that I am […]

Prayer: Kissing My Wife

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for gifting me a wife who loves and cherishes me for who I am.  Thank you for putting her in my life! I pray that our marriage strengthens daily.  May we continue to grow together as friends and lovers.  Sometimes we are so forgetful or neglectful when it comes […]

Prayer: Stopping The Crazy Cycle

Dear Lord, I pray that you would help me be a better spiritual leader in my home and marriage. I pray that when my wife and I start to get into the crazy cycle of bickering and arguing that I would be the first to recognize it and stop it. May I be the one […]

Prayer: Do Not Be Anxious

Dear Lord, I pray for husbands and wives to lean not on their own understanding about things in this life but would rather lean on yours. God help them to not be anxious for anything. I pray that in everything, every situation, ever joy and pain, that they would lift their request to you with […]