Prayer: Need Rest

Dear Lord, I need Your rest. I am tired and weak. I’m tired of continually failing myself and others. I pray for your rest Lord. I ask for Your peace. I need Your forgiveness and I need to be reminded of Your love. This life gets heavy. Please help me hand it over to You. […]

Prayer: For Genuine Joy

Dear Lord, Thank You so much for this day that You have given to us. I pray that we can all follow and patiently seek You today! I pray for genuine JOY to be experienced. I pray that all husbands would not worry, but would rather lean on You and your provisions. Make us strong […]

Prayer: Forgiving When You Don’t Feel Like It

Dear Lord, I realize that sometimes I am stubborn and prideful.  I am sorry that I become so hard in my mind and my heart, keeping me from the joy You desire me to experience.  Please help me to be more soft towards You and others.  However, there are times that I find it hard […]

Prayer: A Good And Godly Friend

Dear Lord, Thank you for today and thank you for my friends. I pray that I would be a good and godly friend. Help me to be humble when I need to be and assertive when necessary. Lord, you have placed men in my life that constantly challenge me and lift me up and I […]

Prayer: Forgive Me For My Anger And Frustration

Dear Lord, Forgive me for my anger and frustration toward my wife. I know that she was overwhelmed and frustrated herself but I should have been a better leader by having more self-control over my tongue. Lord, help me to not allow the sun to go down on my anger. Teach me how to be […]