100 Ways To Love Your Wife

Being spontaneous is great . . . Hey Babe, let’s go grab a bite to eat at . . . . .  Let’s jump in the car and visit . . . . .  How about we . . ? But the planned, thoughtful evening out where all the details are handled, so all she […]

She’s Always a Woman

Age 31 arrived and with it, the cold fingers of early winter tightened their slow, numbing grip on the last week in October. Happy Birthday, but not really. Winter is colder when you’re alone and don’t want to be. “It is not good for a man to be alone.” Yeah, God, I know. So, where […]

102 Words of Affirmation Every Wife Wants to Hear

A while back I was speaking and asked for a show of hands, “How many of the wives have had too much affirmation over the past month?” Laughter broke out across the room. No, haven’t had too much of that. If Lisa is any indication, women often have the feeling that life is coming at […]

You Don’t Have A Porn Problem, You Have A Sin Problem.

How would you feel if your fiancée showed up on your wedding day in a dress that had been carelessly dragged through the mud, after she spent the morning sleeping around? I’m guessing you’d lose interest real quick. Jesus isn’t interested in a dirty Bride, either. But, when you think about it, that’s not far […]

Who’s Your REAL Accountability Partner?

What should you tell “her” about the struggle you’re having? Like clockwork, at the annual men’s retreat the topic will inevitably come up, along with strategies for taming the monster. Before long, the speaker is advocating “getting real” with your “accountability partners” – that group of a few guys to whom you tell all. Now, there’s […]