Is Your Love Unreasonable?

Throughout time, humans have elevated reason – our ability to rationalize and make judgement calls regarding good and bad decisions. In Aristotle’s Ethics he describes human beings as rational animals and identifies reason as a uniquely human characteristic. Our ability to justify and rationalize our decision-making is God-given. But dependence upon reason can also get in the […]

I Stopped Saying “I’m Sorry” To My Wife, And You Should Too

Communication is an essential part of any successful relationship and marriage is no exception. Normally, I tend to recognize communication elements that I need to add to how I communicate with my wife. But sometimes, it’s just as important to recognize a bad habit and stop doing it. In this case, I have made a conscious […]

Your Marriage Might Be Missing This, But Every Marriage Needs It!

Ours is a culture of rabid self-sufficiency. We tend to bestow more honor or respect upon those that are able to strike out on their own and overcome the odds. Some believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness and seeing a counselor is something that only ‘screwed-up’ people do. Well, I have […]