3 Ways To Make Peace With Garlic

Let me begin by saying emphatically that I HATE GARLIC! I just do. I can’t stand the smell of the bulb, and definitely can’t stand the smell of the bulb when it’s exuding from the mouth or pores of people I’m around. I half-jokingly tell people that garlic was named “girlisha” or something like that […]

7 Ways To Not Be a Jerk To Your Wife

It’s not even 11 AM, and twice today my wife, Cetelia, has irritated me. The first time happened about two hours ago when she spoke to me like she would speak to one of our kids. I didn’t appreciate the “motherly” tone in her voice. The second time happened about 20 minutes ago when I […]

The Secret To Praying With Your Wife Consistently

Do you pray with your wife? If you do, is it focused and consistent? If you don’t pray with your wife, what’s getting in the way? Keep reading this post, and I guarantee you that within days you’ll be praying with your mate on a consistent basis if you use the three “I’s”. I’ve been […]

My Struggle With the “P” Word

I’m writing this post to admit that I have struggled with the “P” word in my life. Hands down, if I were quizzed about the area of my spiritual life that has been the hardest, I would easily identify prayer (I’ll save the other “P” word for another post!). At times I wish I was […]