I am often trying to find ways of making myself a better person. I imagine all of us at some point wish we were different people. Better people. We wish we had more self control and better eating habits or dream about being in better shape. We long for a full manly beard ✔, and I would bet that most of us men deep down inside desire to be the romantic, chivalrous knights our wives crave for us to be.  The problem with all these things I desire to be and to change is I never seem to get any further than the last time I tried. Nothing seems to stick. What is it that makes changing so hard? Over the past few years I believe God has shown me some things about myself that make changing so difficult. These things are universal and I believe once I learn them and understand them it will make change much easier.

Here Are 3 Simple Ways To Better Yourself And Your Marriage

  1. Accept You Are Limited By design

    You can’t do it all! God made you with limitations on purpose. The sooner you realize this the more freedom you will have and the less stress too. One of Satan’s greatest weapons against us is making us feel like failures. You get frustrated because you can’t get up 2 hours early and go for a jog, lift weights, make a healthy breakfast, then sit down in a quite place read the Bible, journal, and pray until you hear a word from the Lord. It just isn’t possible to make that kind of change in one fowl swoop.

  2. Make Small Adjustments

    Misc_OffCRSRealizing you were born to be limited isn’t an excuse to not make any changes at all! It should only play as a cheerleader screaming “it’s ok to only accomplish little changes.” It’s the one degree course correction that has great impact over long distance. Did you know if the space shuttle was only one degree off course it would miss the moon by about 13,356,000 miles. One degree can make a huge impact on your life over time. What small one degree course corrections can you make today? Here are some examples.

    • Cutting out one soda a day will save you 700 calories a week and 36,000 calories over a year.
    • On average a person spends about 60 minutes waiting in lines, traffic, etc… If you remembered to pray for 5 minutes every day while you were waiting inline at the store or while pumping your gas. You would spend about 30 hours a year in prayer.
    • The average time spent on mobile devices on activities other than talking to some one is about 1:07 a day. If you were to trade that last 7 minutes of mobile FaceTime with wife attention you would decrease you mobile intake by 42 hours a year and increase your face time with your wife by 42 hours a year. Amazing!
  3. Where Your Heart Is There Also Will Be Your Priorities

    God has made it very clear to me that my priorities dictate where my time and money go. That being said, if my wife was a priority then I would spend as much time, money and energy as possible on her and for her and with her. The same goes with my health. Or career. Or hobbies. Or sin.

I hope these 3 revelations help you. To be honest I pray they help me as well. I’m in need of some one degree course corrections in my life.

How about you? What small one degree course correction can you make that will have huge impact in the months and years to come?