I have said it once and ill say it again, “Anyone can be a dad, but it takes a real man to be a father.”

Fatherhood is one of the most amazing gifts God has ever given to men. It is an opportunity for us to experience a side of God that we could only understand through raising a child of our own.

How can we ever know how God loves us as children without ever having a child to love?

How could we ever understand what this verse means in Hebrews 12:6:

“For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” – Hebrews 12:6

…without ever having to discipline our sons and daughters for the sake of their character?

And the biggest one of all is, what it is like to be a creator like God is?

Being a father is hard and being a good father is even harder, but being a godly husband and father is our greatest goal! I wonder if there is a way to celebrate our fatherhood this year that would help further our pursuit of becoming a godly husband and father: In that order?

I know, Let’s do Father’s Day backward!

Backward? Yup!

“Forward” Father’s Day, like other holidays, usually means you get special treatment and recognition for being what you are, a father. “Backwards” Fathers Day is where you “give” special treatment and recognition to your wife and kids instead of “getting”.

“Why the heck would I trade the one day a year, other than my birthday, to give instead of get?”

Great question!

The Sunday school answer is “Because Jesus said it is better to give than to receive.” See Acts 20:35

The longer answer goes something like this: Giving to your family instead of expecting to receive from them will display a very powerful message to your wife and kids. To your wife, that she is cherished and that she is worth sacrificing for. To your kids, what it looks like to be a godly sacrificial husband who puts his wife’s heart before his own. And you will inevitably get more out of this than you think.

So here are the three ideas of doing Father’s Day backwards:

The 1st is my favorite.
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  2. Take your wife and kids on a special date to a place they would all enjoy. Make it a no phone day so that it will be just you and them with no interruptions. Even splurge on ice cream and an amazing lunch or dinner somewhere special. Just don’t accrue debt to do this.
  3. The card industry is huge because people feel good when they receive words of affirmation, and card companies like Hallmark know this well! Go spend time picking out special cards that you know will bless your wife and kids or spend time making your own personalized cards. I bet even writing out a thoughtful letter on plain white paper would be something they cherish for the rest of their lives. Be a husband and father that verbally and with written word builds up his family through affirmation.

There you have it!

Have happy Backwards Father’s Day and continue to persevere my brothers.

What are some other great Backwards Father’s Day ideas? Let us know in the comments below. And also let me know on social media how it went.